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What is an Urban Escape?

An Urban Escape Room is a new way to discover the city. Inspired by an Escape Room, it will challenge your wits and test your creativity, at the same time you are learning about the history of the city and its characters. Follow the trail of clues and you will immerse yourself in an incredible adventure. Along the route you will have to stop at different locations, where you will find a riddle or puzzle that will provide you with the code you need to continue. Only by solving them you will discover the hidden secrets of Girona and successfully complete the mission entrusted. Girona is not just a beautiful city. It is a place full of legends, history and relevant characters. Wherever you look, you'll find something that has a story to tell. The old quarter is a perfect maze for our missions.

We have 2 types of missions:

The difference is very simple, the riddles, the material and the story is the same but:

At the URBAN ESCAPE TOUR you are accompanied by a local guide, who guides and assists you throughout the game, giving explanations of the city, curiosities or legends. As well as answering your questions and giving the game a little more excitement.
While the URBAN ESCAPE BOX. At the beginning there will be an explanation of how the game works and a brief introduction to the story. From that moment the group will go alone and the game will guide you. There is always telematics assistance, to solve any issue, give clues and control the time during the mission.

Our missions

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Surprise your friends and family with an activity that combines culture, fun and sustainability. Give an unforgettable experience with which to rediscover Girona from other eyes. Adventure is waiting for you!

“Without a doubt, the best thing was discovering little corners that I didn't know about my own city, in a fun and enjoyable way, we explored a lot of new places. We have done several tours in many cities and we have found this very genuine and original. Very different experience as well as professional. Highly recommended !!!. ”
Noelia B
“Whether you are from Girona or not, it is a good way to get to know the fantastic old town and its history. We got together a group of friends, and we had a great time. We learned things about our city that we didn't even know. 100% recommendable."
Neus PG
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