How does an Urban Escape Work?

Urban Escape:
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How does an Urban Escape Work?

Exterior Escape Room, Street Escape, City Escape, and Outdoor Escape are far from the names of the new variant that has been born from the traditional escape rooms.

Traditional escape rooms are based upon a story where you overcome enigmas, puzzles, and other types of challenging problems. Whereby using different objects and codes gives you the combination to follow up. The main objective is to escape from the room where all the participants play together before the time finishes.

An urban escape works kind of similar. The main difference is that the game will take place outdoors rather than indoors. The principal purpose of the game is not to escape from a room, as with an urban escape you’ll have all the city to play.


You should find a hidden object in the city to take it out of danger. It depends on the game set.

Who can play?

Here you have the steps you must take into account to choose and book the mission.


There are different ways to carry out our missions!

Do you want to how the diferences? Click on the photos for more information! 


Currently, we come with 3 missions to play with:

The Jewish quarter-doors

Adult game, 16 years old and up.

Dali’s Secret

Adult version ( 16 years old and up)

Youths versions ( between 11 and 15) 

Family version (different testing on different levels)

*When making the reservation leave us a comment with the version you want to make.

Serrallonga’s Treasure

Children game ( between 6 and 10)


 maximum number of people is 10 players to guarantee COVID-19 measurements.

Our groups are private. In addition, you are always going to play with your family, friends or workmates!

If you are going to be a bigger group than ten, we can adapt our games. Doing it in a competition mode where you are going to leave at the same time.


Do you want to do our mission in another language?

You can find it in:






All of our missions have a maximum duration of 2 hours to be completed. 

Will you be able to achieve it in time? Or maybe you’ll set a new record?

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