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Covid 19 Free

Until the covid19 virus is controlled and the authorities advise it, the Xplore Girona team makes wearing masks mandatory for those who play the missions. We offer hydro alcoholic gel along the Tour if you need it. In the case of hiring the TOUR, our guides will be fully equipped and will maintain the recommended safety distances. This Tour is outdoors, which improves the chances of non infection. Any questions on this subject, contact before booking, please. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. 🙂

Les Missions

If you have booked an Urban Escape Tour, we will meet you at our offices. There, the guide will give you an explanation of how the Tour works. After  that, we will introduce you to the mission ahead, and we’ll start the Tour when we give you the material and the first puzzle. From that moment the clock starts counting. 

The guide is with you throughout the Tour, not just to make the historical explanations, also to give some excitement to the game and help you to move forward.

Whereas if you have booked an Urban Escape Box, we also will meet you at our offices. There, we give you an explanation of the Tour, all the material, and we resolve doubts before you start. Once you are ready, we deliver to you BOX and the first enigma, then start the timer. All the materials, clues, book and decoder you need are included. Also, if there are any issues, you can contact us at a direct phone number. Those who complete the mission will have not only a place in our ranking but also a gift.

Each group is different, that’s why we give the option to choose between if you want a TOUR (with guide) or you prefer a BOX (without guide). Also, the level of difficulty, if you want to create a competition where we  modified the itinerary for each group. 

For groups above 30 people we can do a tailor-made Pre-Post Tour.

We need to be stricts with the schedule. Our tour depend on the availability of our guide  and  will help us to enjoy to all of us our tour.


It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the time of the reservation, our team will attend to you as soon as the room is ready and will give you the relevant instructions. The reservation will be canceled if the team arrives 15 minutes late at the start time.

We have the game in Catalan, English, Spanish. 

If you need the tour in another language, please contact us and we will give you the availability of the guides in other languages



Our treasure hunt is an amazing teambuilding option! The game is designed so people have to communicate, collaborate and work together. But most of all, it is a lot of fun! In our experience, for bigger groups, it is great to make it a race! The teams will have an extra incentive and it increases the team spirit. But both options are great for teambuilding.

Our experiences do not require special preparation. A water bottle, comfortable footwear and wanting to have fun is all you need.


The Users

Our experiences are suitable for all ages and audiences, although we recommend a minimum age of 12 years to participate and fully enjoy the interactive experience.

Oh YES! At Xplore Girona dogs are more than welcome. If you let us know, we can leave you a bottle of water during the tour.


Currently, once you make the reservation we will send you a confirmation email. There we indicate different forms of payment.

Through Transfer or Stripe mostly. In case you want to make a cash payment, we ask for a 50% pre-booking via transfer.

NOTE: We do NOT have a dataphone in the office,.

Yes, as long as the cancellation occurs at least 48 hours in advance for the TOURS and 24 hours for the BOX. For more information, we recommend that you see the Terms and Conditions.

Girona is not Dublin but sometimes it also rains, and this can affect the viability of the service.

It is specified in the Terms & Conditions, but the best option would be to find another day. If it is really unfeasible, we will follow the cancellation rules mentioned earlier.

You can find the Terms & Conditions. Here

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