TOUR – The Jewish Quarter’s Doors

TOUR - The Jewish Quarter 's Doors

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120 min CAT/ EN /ES/ 2 up to 30

The hiding place of the menorah

Discover the Jewish Quarter “Call” looking for one of its best kept secrets in Girona. Along the mission you will visit locations. There you will be welcome for one of the character that are involved in this story. They will bring you some relevant information about the city but also they will provide you an enigma (riddle). They will introduce you their religion, legends, culture and history. You will walk the streets that belongs to one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Europe. The mission is comprised within the old town, where its inhabitants lived since 890. They will guide you to reveal a secret that has been kept since 1492. Date when a tradition that hides the existence of the first menorah of Girona. The one who illuminated the synagogues of the city for more than six centuries.

Will you be able to find it and preserve the secret?

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